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Kendal Nicole Varni
Born in California
7 months
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Life story
October 11, 2008
On the morning on October 10th mommy woke up and new that you were coming!  Mommy was scheduled to be induced on October 12th, but you did not want to wait that long.  I remember daddy came home from work and mommy made fajitas for dinner because you just can't have a baby on an empty stomach... then, we needed groceries so we headed off to daddy's favorite store Walmart, j/k.  Daddy complained the entire time about how much he hated the store, but at the same time mommy's contractions were getting very strong!  We had already called papa to come get big brother.  Once we got home from Walmart mommy took a quick shower, then papa came over and took big brother.  Then, mommy and daddy were off to the hospital to have you!

Mommy thought everything was going to be a breeze just like with big brother, but it wasn't you decided to come in with literally a bang!  We arrived a the hospital a little after 8 p.m. and mommy was only at 4 cm, but those contractions were coming fast!  After getting into a room and changing into one of those hot hospital gowns the doctor came in to check me (the same doctor who delivered brother) and mommy was at 7cm.  They came in to give mommy an epidural and no such luck- it didn't work.... then, they came back to do another.... and no such luck.... and again!!! By this time mommy demanded someone else- about 15 minutes later they came in and you were coming there was no time.  Mommy was screaming NO!!!!!  They wheeled mommy off to the delivery room and after just a few very painful pushes you were out! 

When I first saw you were so beautiful with your full head of redish blonde hair and big blue eyes.  You looked just like brother!  Only you were a whole pound smaller weighing in at 8 pounds 3.9 ounces :)  I thought you were tiny and petite!  The painful birth was worth every minute of getting to finally getting to see you that day.  The rest of the day I spent holding you, nursing you and introducing you to all our friends and family who came to see you :)

Born in on October 11, 2008.
May 10, 2009
It was mommy's first Mother's Day with Kendal.  Since Mommy had been at the ER the entire night before mommy spent the morning sleeping while you, Daddy and big brother went to Prairie City.   You loved watching big brother ride his dirt bike ( I think it was the noises).   Papa was out there and he was able to hold you for the last time!  You also saw friends Drew, Jeff and Candace.  Later that day you went over to see Grandma dede.  By the time you, daddy and brother got home mommy was all rested and ready to spend her first mother's day with baby Kendal.  You even had a special new onzie from Old Navy saying "I Love My Mom" and Brother had a matching shirt-  Later on Great-Mimi, Mimi, Uncle Jon, Auntie Mary and Auntie Megan all came over to celebrate the big day with us.  Daddy BBQ'd and we had a wonderful dinner- I think the best part was that I got to spend the day with you before we started our crazy week!
May 14, 2009
On the morning on May 14th we had to wake up earlier than usual because Mommy was working overtime.  I came into your room and there you were kicking your little feet with a big smile on your face- brother came running in because he used to love to see how you were backwards in your crib.  Mommy picked you up and we did our usual look in the mirror with our cheeks pressed up against each others.  Then, I placed you on your changing table to get you out of your giant overnight pee!  Mommy had nearly cut her finger off the night before Mother's Day and you so curious grabbed the bandage!  I got your clothes together for your day at daycare and we were off- it was too early to even feed you.  I remember on our drive brother made you laugh by saying "here's Kendal" - when I was dropping you off I did my usual hugs and kisses and said "love you big girl", you then put your arms out for me to take you back for the 1st time- so I and held you one last time.  It wasn't almost like you knew something was going to happen to you that day.  Then, at about 2:00 daddy called me to tell me you had been taken to the hospital in an ambulance and had no details.  I grabbed my things as quickly as possible and got papa and we raced down to the hospital.  When we got there you were hooked up to lots of machines, you had no clothes on, and your eyes were wide open.  They told mommy and daddy that they were going to take you by helecopter to UC Davis.   We were taken in the car by the detective and you flew.  When we arrived at the ICU they got you all situated in a little bed still with tubes going everywhere- I remember I just wanted to hear you cry more than anything in the world.  They did the first CT scan and told us you were gone.  We remained by your side for the next 27 hours while we waited to see if there were any chances, but you had already put on your wings and flew away. 
May 15, 2009
Passed away on May 15, 2009.